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By: Elias Tsoukalis A home is arguably your biggest lifetime investment. It is not only a place to live, but the cornerstone of your life where lasting memories are made. So, if you are a prospective home buyer, a thorough home inspection is a must. Would you spend just an hour viewing a structure which […]

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By Elias Tsoukalis All entrepreneurs make mistakes. However, successful ones don’t commit a mistake twice. Research has proven that most people often fail to admit their mistakes because this lowers their self-worth. The immediate effect of this tendency is that you are likely to repeat the same mistake in future and this hinders your progress […]

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By: Elias Tsoukalis House flipping is tough and can be one of the most intimidating types of business. However, if done right, it can be the most satisfying things one can do. Many people fail because they assume they can simply purchase a property, plant a few trees, apply some paint and perhaps renovate the […]

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Four Starr Property Solutions is top notch! I have had the pleasure of working with them on a regular basis and it is clear to see that they are a company that truly cares and takes great pride in what they do. I am looking forward to our continued business partnership.
Cindy Maslov
Realtor Associate

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